My Technology is a company founded in Al Ain in 2015, specialized in web designs, mobile application development and design of differing sizes for individuals, companies and governments. We also offer a host of other excellent services that can and will contribute to the success of your business such as marketing, consultancy or advertising. My Technology's experience help our client to convert a raw idea to an up and running business.
Our Mission: To give life to your digital ideas through excellence and innovations.
MISSION & Vision
Our Vision: To develop and deliver best solutions for individuals, entrepreneurs and companies to become a worldwide leader.


My Technology can assist you to build your own brand, increase your online traffic, raise your profile ranking and build a powerful online presence. We create
website that attracts new clients, apps that make it easier to order your products and we can turn any idea to an app or website



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Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is a measurement we use to quantify the degree to which a customer is satisfied with a product, service, or experience. It measures how a customer feels about a brand interaction.
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Ethics, Integrity & Transparency
In a big company such as My Technology, we interact with different partners every day, being those employees, clients and shareholders, among others.
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Innovation & Excellence
Work should be fun. That's it. If it's fun, it's engaging and that is how excellency is achieved.
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Effectiveness & Efficiency
Efficiency is much more than social, as Effectiveness is much more than ecology. It means being 100% aware of our impact ? we stand for doing good.


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50+ Team Members
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100+ Projects Delivered
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Hybrid, Native & Web Apps
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3 Global Offices